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All of our attorneys have committed themselves to assist and be available to all Christian Churches and Ministries. Please contact us for referral and help.





Christian Freedom Foundation                                                                     Apostolic Law Association

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Protecting the people of God from the Laws of Man

The Apostolic Law Association is dedicated to provide legal assistance to:


* Fighting intrusive and restrictive federal and state laws which impede the will of God and the ministry of United Pentecostal churches and their missionaries.

* Defending church schools, Christian private schools, home schools, and day cares.

* Fighting state and federal restrictions to the free exercise of religion.

* Promoting and defending church/private property rights.

* Defending Apostolic prisoner rights.

* Defending Apostolic family values.

The Christian Freedom Foundation Resources are Accessable and Easy to Use
We provide:

The Apostolic Law Association

A legal and educational resource for the providing of legal information and representation of principles and practices for Christian Churches and the ministry.

The Apostolic Law Network

A national and international legal strikeforce, ready to defend and pursue legal rights and biblical mandates of Jesus Christ, by linking Apostolic lawyers into a network of safety and support for Christian Churches and the ministry.

The Church & Law Newsletter

A monthly publication sent to all of the current contributors to the CFF. Issues provide awareness of legal issues and legislation affecting the Christian Churches and ministry.


Our Mission

The Christian Freedom Foundation is supported entirely by contributions of Christian Churches and Minsitries. We issue a monthly Newsletter, Church &  Law News, containig news and information abiut recent cases and lawes affecting churhces, to our supporting member churches.

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